A fully featured cross-platform game development engine

Friday, September 26, 2008

TAS is aimed primarily at game developers wishing to create games quickly, without having to worry about the underlying engine code needed to support their product. It is a free engine, that is built into the final binary file, removing the worries of missing dynamic libraries. Currently under heavy development, it already has a lisp based scripting engine working, file i/o, partially working GUI system, and a host of smaller features (such as arrays, lists, and other helper classes).

The engine is a re-work (or recycled if you like) of Crack.com's public release of their unreleased Golgotha game, 10 years ago. TAS is only concerned with the underlying engine code (the i4 library) and not an attempt to finish the Golgotha game.

NOTE: The library can be got from CVS, but as it's a work-in-progress, please don't expect it to work out the box -- yet.